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There are lots of other Centaurs: Ixion, Pholus Nessus, etc.

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Because Chiron was a Centaur in mythology and classified as a Centaur astronomically, many astrologers wanted to assign the rulership of Sagittarius to Chiron. He was half immortal and is associated with integrating the spirit into the body: a very different role than the rest of the Centaurs who were primarily concerned with drinking and barbaric behavior.

At any rate, Chiron spoke to me loudly and I began to use him in readings nearly immediately. Astrology books in the mids classified Chiron as an asteroid and lumped him in with the other asteroids such as Vesta, Juno and Pallas as well as Ceres. I attempted to work with these other asteroids but they remained quiet and yielded no information to me.

Sedna – Journey to the Edge

Yet my work with Chiron became very important and to this day I consider Chiron somewhat of a specialty. The recent discoveries of Sedna and Quaoar did not speak to me in this way, nor it seems have other astrologers been inspired by those planets. I have explored Ceres only briefly, but Eris is demanding quite a bit of attention which I suppose is appropriate in light of her significance as the goddess of Strife and Discord.

Zane was one of the early astrologers exploring the significance of Chiron and he has lots of interesting information there.

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  8. Why Eris? Sedna Sedna has no conscience whatsoever - success and expediency are all.

    It rules corruption, destruction, lies, immorality, disaster, upheaval, stolen wealth, and illegal gains. Sappho Anxiety, fear and panic, neurotic behavior, stock market crashes. Co-rules obsessions and compulsions with Pluto. Operates similarly to a Saturn-Chiron Heartbreak Clash. May create initial attraction in a combined chart but usually leads to disaster.

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    Devastating mistakes, bad judgment, being seen at your worst, failure. More about the Heartbreak Midpoint. Operates similarly to a Saturn-Jupiter Nuclear Clash. May create initial attraction in a combined chart but usually leads to irreconcilable differences. Devastating mistakes, bad judgment, confusion, agitation, distress, overwhelm. Helpful in both career and love. Fraternal planets are planets which share certain symbolisms.

    Each of these Fraternal Planets have one or more symbolisms which fall into the same category as at least one symbolism of the other planets in that category. You can see that a planet can fit into more than one category and share Fraternal Symbolisms with more than one other planet. Saturnian Planets: Saturn and its midpoints, Sedna and its midpoints, Sappho. Online lessons in Magi Astrology are tutorials in elementary and essential Magi principles.

    Eris, Sedna, Plutinos, Centaurs and More

    They are not intended to teach basic astrological concepts - some knowledge of simple astrology is very helpful. I am only at liberty to discuss research findings which have already been revealed to the public. I apologize if you are left with questions unanswered! Lessons will be periodically updated as more information is discovered and made public by the Magi Society.

    Magi Astrology Planetary Symbolisms. Online Lesson 2: Planetary Symbolisms in Magi Astrology The Magi Society's extensive statistical research has revealed symbolic meanings for planets which are different in some cases than the meanings which are commonly accepted by Western Astrologers. Pallas Logic, analysis, ordering and sequencing, organizing, plans. Odin The emperor, the undisputed leader.

    Dwarf Planet ERIS in All 12 Houses!— with Heather!

    Midas The most powerful of all financial astro-bodies. Quaoar A financial planet. Isis Gives the desire and ability to marry into royalty.

    90377 Sedna

    Fraternal and Contra-Fraternal Symbolisms Fraternal planets are planets which share certain symbolisms. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet.